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Fit-Out Services of Commercial Property

A new workplace space needs a number of items to work together. Commercial fit-outs are another crucial factor that has an impact on your office’s aesthetic attractiveness. These designs and other changes to your office that symbolize your brand are also referred to as “fit-outs.”

Office Fit-Outs

The first stage, known as shell and core, deals with the structure of the building. The landlord or developer adds services including air conditioning, lighting, and power during a Category A (also known as Cat A) fit-out. Completes Cat B office fit-out according to their specific needs.

Restaurant/Hotel Fit-Outs

Fitouts are everything that your brand wants to showcase. Equipment, Floor Planning, and Storage spaces are one of the most important things. Customer Journey along with interior design helps win more customer footfall. And it should follow brand themes and also communicate the message clearly with Fit-Outs.

Salon, Spa & Gym Fit-Out Services

Just like the restaurant and Hotel fit-outs, all other fit-outs are planned before any implementation, and the whole process of taking Place from Just a box area that is CAT-A planning Layout, Placement of various equipment, Selection of Air Conditioners, Electrical work, Flooring, painting and much more. The Stylish Homes & Interiors will take care of all these and will hand-over CAT-B, which is a completely developed and design version of your commercial Space.

Our Process of Working


Designing every corner of the homes & offices


Setting up best furniture & Lights


Development & Execution of Design

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